The following modules are self-contained and can be completed in any order. It is encouraged that all modules are completed to fully aid with improving teaching and supervisory skills. 

This module provides supervisors with an opportunity to reflect on their role as a clinical supervisor and improve their supervisory skills.

This module is designed to enhance the supervisor's ability to effectively and efficiently assess students (formative and summative) within their professional placement setting. The lesson is divided into two sub-modules:

  • Routine feedback sub-module: introduces frameworks and tools that could be used to provide effective feedback to the students
  • Safety sub-module:  provides help with dealing with non-routine, challenging situations - in particular, the safety of the patient being placed at risk due to the actions of the student.

This module is an adaptation of UNSW Medicine & Primary Care. It is no longer available.

This module provides supervisors with the tools and strategies to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills to their students.

This module provides an introduction to strategies on identifying and managing students who are facing significant personal, health or other difficulties. It focuses on strategies to identify a struggling student, and provide practical tips on how supervisors could engage and assist them.

Specific to UNSW Primary Care supervisors, this module is designed to provide supervisors with a general overview of the Primary Care program at UNSW and give course specific-information about the learning objectives, expectations for the supervisors and information about assessments and attendance requirements.