Clinical Reasoning

This module aims to help supervisors teach their students to 'drive their own brain' through meta-cognition. It provides tools and strategies that can be used to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills to students. Some theory on critical reasoning is introduced and participants are shown how this theory can be applied in order to improve their teaching. Specific biases in diagnosis are introduced, as well as strategies on how to avoid these biases.

Learning objectives/outcomes

By the end of the lesson, participants will:

  • Understand dual process theory – system 1 and system 2 thinking - and how it relates to clinical reasoning
  • Understand some specific biases and how they relate to clinical reasoning
  • Understand how to include and teach these principles during medical supervision
  • Recognise which specific strategies are used to overcome particular cognitive biases
  • Be able to teach students basic principles of how cognitive psychology relates to clinical reasoning