Primary Care at UNSW Wagga Wagga Campus

This module is an adaptation of the UNSW Medicine & Primary Care module. It is specific to clinical supervisors teaching UNSW Medicine students undertaking the Primary Care (General Practice) course at the RCS Wagga Wagga campus. It includes an overview of UNSW Medicine, an introduction to the Primary Care Course in Phase 3 of the Medicine Program and specifics of the Primary Care course at Wagga Wagga. The attendance requirements and the practice-based assessments for the Primary Care course are addressed and participants are invited to reflect on their supervisory practice and compare and contrast their practice with other supervisors.

Lesson outcomes:

By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the structure of the UNSW Medicine program and how the supervisor’s course and their clinical attachment fit in
  • Describe the competencies-based curriculum and the different eight graduate capabilities
  • Describe the structure of the UNSW Primary Care course at the Wagga Wagga campus
  • Describe UNSW Medicine’s system of assessment (F/P-/P/P+ scale)
  • Draw up a learning plan for a student based on the learning objectives of the course and the relevant graduate capabilities
  • List the expectations that UNSW has for supervisors
  • Describe the key assessment tasks during the clinical attachment
  • Describe the attendance requirements of students